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At the heart of The Warrior's Way® method is learning how to commit your attention effectively in the moment and on the task. There are many tasks in climbing, but when you boil it down there are simply two: climbing and resting. Learning how to separate these two tasks is what The Warrior's Way® method is all about.


Over the last 15 years, NRMG has worked with The Warrior's Way® founder, Arno Ilgner, who has developed a curriculum to teach climbers like yourself how to overcome their fears. 


This course is specifically targeted toward developing a better mental focus for leading trad routes. To accomplish this, we need to develop trust in our gear and jamming ability. We’ll develop this trust by falling on gear, moving continuously when jamming, quick and precise gear placement, and improving mental focus through the application of The Warrior’s Way®.
You will leave with tools to manage the risk of leading trad climbs, gain experience falling on your gear, refine your movement skills to find more flow, and learn how to focus your attention effectively so you’re more committed when climbing.
You’ll leave knowing how to take appropriate risks on trad routes with improved mental focus. 
You’ll learn to:
-Assess your gear placements
-Trad jamming skills
-Trust trad gear by falling on it
-Assessing risks effectively, allowing you to take appropriate risks
-Improve commitment and mental focus
-Improve safety awareness
What we won’t be covering:
-Learn how to place gear (This course is not appropriate for those who have never placed gear before)
-Equalizing anchors
-Multi-pitch transitions
-Other basic trad skills

Pre-Requisite Experience:

-Able to lead 5.8 sport or top-rope 5.9 with no falls

-Climb indoors/outdoors at least 1-2 times per week

-At least 6 months of continuous climbing experience within the last year

-Experience following or leading trad routes 

Suggested Preparation:

Read Espresso Lessons with emphasis on the Preparation and Action Chapters, and the exercises in the Appendix for these chapters.



Bring the usual climbing equipment plus rope and draws (if you have these). A helmet is also required.


Trad/Mental Camp Dates:


Click through the calendar above!

The dates above are group courses that run with a 2-person minimum and a 4-person maximum. If you prefer private training, please contact us via email.


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