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"We all hope to have that one teacher or guide that transcends spoon-feeding you information..."

Brian C.



  • Our guide was a fantastic teacher, guide, and motivator today. He was so thoughtful, responsive, and intuitive. We had an amazing time with him, learned so much, and felt so well taken care of. Thank you!
    --Karen S


  • The Warrior’s Way books are on the must-read list but there comes a point when you have to learn to apply the system on the sharp end, and Elaina at New River Mountain Guides has a unique gift for turning that theory into positive, mindful action.  I was skeptical about signing up for a mental/trad clinic but the team at NRMG managed to blow my mind and launch all of us into a new, more aware space.
    The best part of NRMG clinics, however, is the style of teaching.  We all hope to have that one teacher or guide that transcends spoon-feeding you information--- a guide that graciously and patiently inspires you; a guide that facilitates understanding and cultivates comprehension.  Elaina and Jeff are those sorts of transcendent guides!  They have a gift and I am incredibly thankful that I had a chance to share a few days with them on the rock.
    Thank you, both, and I look forward to continuing this great journey!!
    --Brian, Raleigh, NC 


  • I know I can speak for the entire group in saying we had a great time. I literally cannot say a bad thing about the Gym to Crag course. It was the perfect amount of information presented in a clear way.
    --Adam V. Richmond, VA


  • Thank you for creating the class, for your very thoughtful choice of the New River Gorge as the venue and your thoughtful evaluation of my skills, and thoughtful choice of the climbs you chose to have me work on.   Also thank you for spending time with the class outside of the rock, and for your openness and the ease, I felt in talking to you.
    --Todd S. Berkley, CA

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