When is the operational season?

March and October: Limited availability. Please email.

May through September: Our main climbing season with abundant instructors available. Book Online.

November through February: No availability. 

How can check pricing and availability?

Click on the BOOK ONLINE button above. It will take you to our calendar so you can check dates and pricing. If you don't see anything listed for your dates, it means we have no openings. It's pretty simple really!

How far in advance should I book?

We recommend 14-30 days to guarantee your desired trip date. The sooner you book, the better your chances of securing your preferred date and time are.

Can I book at the last minute?

It depends. If you want to book a trip with less than 3 days advance notice, you must contact the office to double check guide availability. If we have the staff available, we can book you manually for an additional $50 On Demand Fee. We recommend that you plan far enough in advance, to save yourself this extra booking fee.

Can I book same day or next day trip?

Magic 8 ball says...doubtful. You can book your own itinerary online 3 or more days in advance. If less than 3 days, then you are welcome to contact us to verify availability and an additional $50 Demand Booking Fee. Just be aware that we also work and play outside so we may not be able to reply immediately. Your best bet is to plan your trip well in advance.

What is included in the pricing?

Your own AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor, all personal and technical climbing equipment.

What is NOT included in the pricing?

Transportation, snacks/meals, water, and gratuity for your instructor are not included.

Are gratuities included?

They are not included nor expected, but it's a great way to show your appreciation for a job well done. The amount is up to you, but a good guideline is between 10-20% of your trip cost. Please arrange payment with your instructor, many accept PayPal/Venmo/Zelle in addition to cold hard cash.

What time do trips start/end?

Full Day (8 hour) run from 8:30am - 4:30pm

Half Day AM (4 hour) run from 8:30am - 12:30pm

Half Day PM (4 hour) run from 1:30pm - 5:30pm

Which trip is best for me?

Since all of our trips are customized private instruction, you will just need to decide on how long you want to climb. If you're short on time, energy, or newer to the sport, the half day trip is plenty long enough to have a great day out. If you're more experienced, or have specific learning goals you're trying to work towards, the full day or multi-day trip would be best for you.

Where do we meet?

Unless otherwise arranged, in the parking lot of Water Stone Outdoors underneath the white pop-up tent. The address is:101 E Wiseman Avenue, Fayetteville, WV 25840

Can I add people to my existing reservation?

It depends. As long as your group size doesn't exceed 4 people, we can easily add additional climbers to your group. If your group size exceeds our mandated 4:1 ratio by the National Park Service, another guide must be available to accommodate extra climbers. Please email us to check availability.


Is there a group size limitation?

Yes. The maximum number of people you can book at one time is 4 people. If your group is larger than 8, please send us an email and we can assist with booking your larger group, subject to instructor availability of course.

Is transportation provided?

Not on private or group trips. You will follow your instructor in your own vehicle to the trailhead. Average drive times range from 10-20 minutes. The only exception is that we do provide transportation during our Teen Rock Camp programs.

Is there an age limit?

Not really. Younger climbers are limited by their attention spans and physical size. Older climbers are only limited by their enthusiasm and willingness to get outside their comfort zone.


Is all the gear rental included?

Yes. We have climbing equipment for all ages and sizes and it's included in the price of your booked trip. Of course if you are signed up for a course or have your own equipment, you are welcome to use it and your instructor will determine if it's acceptable or not. 

Can I rent gear if I'm not hiring an instructor?

Sorry Charlie, no dice. But...our sister store Water Stone Outdoors rents climbing shoes and crash pads. No one will rent a harness ropes or other hardware due to the liability involved with this. 

Where will we climb?

There are many factors we will consider. Your guide will choose a climbing location based on your experience, goals, group size, time frame, and weather conditions on the day of your trip. Rest assured you will be able to experience the best that the New River Gorge area has to offer in terms of world class climbing. If you have a specific route or location in mind, please let your instructor know so they can plan accordingly.

What happens if it rains?

Just show up anyway and don't let the forecast scare you. The forecast for our area is always inaccurate, rain showers are usually scattered, the rock dries quickly, and there are plenty of protected areas to climb. Our instructors are the local experts and they know where to go if it rains. 

Can my friend or family member come along just to watch?
Sorry we do not allow spectators. It presents a few challenges which will limit your instructor's ability to provide you with a quality experience.

What is your COVID Operating Plan?

Interesting times we are living in and we are keeping up with the times. You will be required to wear a mask during your trip, even if you're vaccinated. Thanks for taking your health and the well being of our staff seriously. Here is our current COVID Action Plan.

May I bring my dog/pet?

We are dog people, but unfortunately our insurance policy doesn't allow for companion animals to be present. Service dogs are another story. Please let us know and we can make it work.