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Bluewater Icon Review

I have been using the Bluewater Icon 9.1 as my main rope for the greater part of a season and it's handled the use and abuse very well. This is the first “skinny” rope I have owned, and I won't be turning back to a bigger diameter rope anytime soon. My pack is much lighter now, which means now I don't mind toting around my #5 camalot through the backwoods of the NRG.

As I used this rope more and more, the attributes and quality became apparent. The Icon delivered optimal catches time and time again. The balance between dynamic and static elongation is very nice, offering soft catches but not to much stretch when loaded static. The sheath is tightly woven for a more “cord” like feel, adding to the wonderful handling and durability. This rope has not tangled once in the months of use that it has seen. Bottom line, this rope has converted me to Bluewater fan.

I give this rope two thumbs up.

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